With years of experience building out earthy landscape designs, our dedicated team of professionals is ready to answer your questions. Our services included Artificial turf, Sod grass, drought-tolerant landscaping, irrigation, and much more.


Artificial Turf

If your goal is to have a maintenance-free, clean-cut lawn year-round. Artificial turf may be the way to go. In addition to a clean-cut look, turf also helps with drastically reducing your water consumption and monthly maintenance costs.

Sod Grass

If you prefer the real thing, Sod grass is another option available for your new landscape design. Depending on the look you’re going for and your personal needs, there are a variety of Sod grass options to choose from. Some examples are Bermuda, St. Augustine, Bluegrass, and Fescue.

Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

In another effort to reduce water usage, many homeowners are turning to drought-tolerant landscaping. Their increasing popularity is also due to low maintenance and cost savings. Think gravel, rocks, shrubs, and wood chips.


If you enjoy the beauty of a lush green lawn year-round, you need a professionally installed irrigation system. A properly designed and installed irrigation system allows you to efficiently water your lawn while reducing maintenance of your landscape. In an effort to help with California’s drought, a controlled irrigation system year-round sustainable watering for your lawn.


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