When it comes to fencing, we often think about the feeling we’re trying to achieve. Take the white picket fence for example – It feels classic and family oriented. What feeling are you trying to achieve when you see or step into your outdoor space?


Wood Fencing

Wood Fencing: Wood has been the long-running choice of fencing for homeowners. Due to the natural look, it has been the popular choice for its traditional feel. This choice of fencing is available in a variety of finishes and stains or crafted to your desired look. Likely to last for many years to come, wood fencing is more affordable than vinyl fencing, but the maintenance is demanding.

Iron Fencing

The options for metal fencing go from traditional to modern, with an array to mirror and or blend in effortlessly with any home exterior. Iron has been the metal of choice for quite some time for good reasons, they’re the classic choice while being able to withstand any obstacle.

Vinyl Fencing

The very familiar white picket fence is now being made of durable vinyl materials. Made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride, it’s long-lasting and almost maintenance-free outlasting some wood fencing. Costing a little more than average, vinyl fencing won’t fade or warp, holding up as well as the day it was installed.


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