There are multiple options available to choose from in both the patio and deck categories. Below we will discuss the most popular options and why you would choose them.


Alumawood Patio

Alumawood is by far the most popular option for new patio structures. Reasons included durability, cost, style options, and maintenance.
Since you can achieve a look similar to wood without the cost or the hassle, we almost always recommend Alumawood to our clients. Style options include both solid and lattice. Solid covers also have the option to integrate ceiling fans and lighting.

Wood Patio

Despite the list of benefits that come with choosing Alumawood over a real wood patio, some clients insist on having the real thing. Although wood patios come with added cost and maintenance, they provide a look and feel that no other product can. There are also more design options with real wood since you can stain or paint them in pretty much any color.

Trex Deck

Trex Decking is made of wood fibers with a plastic film. It goes without saying that tree decking is a lot more durable and low maintenance than real wood decking. The cost of these 2 materials is pretty similar.

Wood decking

Real wood decking is also an option if you prefer the look and feel of real wood. Since cost isn’t much of a factor between Trex or even composite decking, you may choose to go with a real wood look and have the option to stain it the color of your choice.


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